Quickie at the clinic

In and out. Quickly. This is exactly how it ought to be.

Arrived at the cessation clinic at (high?) noon. Quick chat, carbon monoxide levels at 2ppm (for which I blame the bus belching out diesel fumes that I passed on the walk down), new prescription for another week of Nicorette patches. Left at 5 past the hour. Job done.

Life as a non smoker. What do I do, now that I have all this extra free time? I am so much healthier for it too. I feel a cooked breakfast coming on to compensate.

4 thoughts on “Quickie at the clinic”

  1. Non smoker here…tried nicotine gum while studying for exams… someone told me they increased concentration and short term memory… made me feel jittery and hyper…I dunno how smokers pull it off at all !

  2. I don’t use any products what contains nicotine. Once I used snuff, which contains nicotine, but that was one time only. I think it’s harder at the start, but easier after a little time.

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