The meaning of life

“The human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments? They’re here. Among us. In the shadows. In the light. Everywhere.”

It’s a quote I heard recently, as an intro to one episode of a fictional story on TV. The show includes this sort of things every episode. It is philosphical and I suspect one of the shows many attractions is to liberally sprinkle deep thoughts or puzzling questions to the watchers, in an almost subliminal way.

It made me think of how I feel, riding, blasting through corners, eyes focused on the curve of the road, where nothing but the moments can exist.

My uncle said to me today about the Isle of Man TT, that it is crazy and ought to be stopped because it is too dangerous. Anyone who has travelled in a car with him is, I am certain, very very aware of their own mortality!

So I think, that unfortunately, Douglas Adams didn’t get it right when asking about the meaning of life.

And it isn’t about material things, though advertisers try all day, every day, to convince us otherwise.

The meaning of life is in those special moments. Whether they be spent climbing a mountain, swinging one grip precariously after another, sharing a joke or a hug with that family member you fell out with so long ago that neither of you remember why, or just watching the sun go down, slipping beneath the horizon and cascading pastel shades across the sky.

The meaning of life, it is in the moments.

You just need to remember to be vigilant and look out for thrm.


2 thoughts on “The meaning of life”

  1. Love this….so very true! We’re far too busy doing the ‘mundane’ and ‘must do’ instead of taking that moment to reflect and enjoy what’s really important

    We talk about advancement and how much we’ve developed from our ancestors, but is that really true when we consider what we miss out on, just trying to keep ahead of the game?

    That’s not to say we should be lazy or work shy, but everyone should take time out every day, just to enjoy observing wildlife in the garden, or the sunset (or sunrise if you’re an early bird!), or just to read a few chapters of a book without feeling guilty (or being so tired you fall asleep halfway through!)

    We’d all be more healthier, content and productive by doing this, so why not give it a try!

  2. Thanks Jane. I think it is hard to do consistently, or perhaps just too easy to forget, when life is constantly throwing twists and challenges at you. Which just makes it all the more important to savour the moments.

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