Slowly, day by day, mum becomes a bit weaker.

What seems like months ago she was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. It was an emotional time, and continues to be. After each batch of chemo, there wasn’t the vomiting we expected, nor the hair loss that mum was dreading. Each time the cocktail of drugs seemed to impact her mental abilities and each time she bounced back within a week or so. But each session had worse effects than the previous one.

The chemo is all done with now, its been about three weeks. She hasn’t bounced back yet. And the radiotherapy appointment hovers on the horizon. I have to remain hopeful. Amid tears last week, mum expressed her fears about not getting better. The hard truth is that this is a downward slope. I know that is going to be hard.

For all you people who have been through this, or helped relatives through it, I salute you. You deserve the greatest respect.

3 thoughts on “Erosion”

  1. It’s hard watching someone you love suffer and …decline. I see it in my own mother, albeit in a more diffuse way. My heart goes out to you.

      1. She’s okay. She had open heart surgery about 12 years ago, and has never really been the same. Now, the replaced vessels have mostly collapsed again. She has only one good artery left out of the four.

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