Every so often I can feel myself feeling at a low ebb. Sometimes worse than others. I am sure it happens to everyone. Life is always a constant state of flux.

Perhaps surprisingly, I often turn to YouTube on such occasions. Sometimes you just need a pep talk. Sometimes you just need to appreciate what you have, what you are, and put it to good use. And most of the time, it does actually work.

It is worth a look. Speeches. Stories of famous people. Excerpts from films. And occasionally, inspiring true stories that are heart warming and touching.

So, here are some picks…..what are your favourites?

Famous people who were written off before their time and then went on to great success



Its up to you


Don’t give up

And finally, random acts of kindness


One thought on “Motivation”

  1. Love it!!! Looking forward to being motivated by future posts :o)

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