I have a diverse, some might say eclectic set of interests. This blog is a culmination of that and a merging of several different blogs I have had over the years:

  • My sisters kidney – going through the process of donating one of my kidneys to my sister, giving up smoking, then the plan being struck down by my own illness at the 11th hour
  • Buzzing Bend – motorbike rides and trips, I am a born again biker after a 20 odd year gap
  • Compos mentis – dealing with the death of my brother and subsequent diagnosis of mum having the same cancer
  • Photography – I have a passion for this and want to share some of the background behind the images, as well as make prints available
  • Technology and science – from coding applications and managing systems to an endless fascination with science
  • History – I love to learn about our past and occasionally write about the weird and wonderful past
  • Books – I am a voracious reader, I will share some of that on here
  • Teaching – I love to share stuff, how things work, so expect to see that here too

So welcome to the blog. There is a subscribe link, use it and I promise not to sell your soul (or email address) to Nigerian spammers or Russian mobsters.

I have a main website that I have owned for years that describes a bit more about me at www.birkbeck.org.uk and a Photography website (with online purchasing of prints, etc) at www.birkbeckphotography.eu.

I can also be found on Flickr and Instagram.

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