2017 was a tough year. Probably the hardest year I have ever had.

But 2018 is a fresh start, a new year and a time to reflect on where I am, where I am going and what I want.

As part of this, I have revamped my personal website,, take a look and let me know what you think. I run a number of different sites, some personal ones such as this for myself, and a few other company ones for others. These have all been migrated to Digital Ocean, with Nginx sitting in front, and Let’s Encrypt dealing with SSL certificates.

I also decided to throw myself into the Internet of Things, and to learn some basics of electronics. I built my first very basic circuit and controlled it via python, you might be surprised at how satisfying it is to wave your hand in front of a sensor and see different LEDs light up. Perhaps I am just easily pleased!

I am now looking to expand that knowledge and build various IoT devices for around the home. More of that to come.


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