Neural Links and Brain Machine Interfaces

If you aren’t already a fan, take a quick hop over to Wait But Why, a popular science blog that has a uniquely quirky, humorous and enlightening blog that delves deep into complex subjects and makes them easy to understand.

The quick summary of the blog post is that although there is a long way to go, scientists have already created computer connections to the brain, focusing on sight, hearing and allowing people with physical disabilities to control things with their minds. And the race is on, to go from 10’s or 100’s of connections, to thousands and millions.

While it may seem a scary thought, connecting the brain to a computer, the benefits could dramatically outweigh the challenges.

Possibilities extend into the realms of science fiction, so a good place to start is the Nexus Trilogy from Ramez Naam, an author and technologist who spent 13 years working for Microsoft. Well worth a read.

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