Futurism: Technologies you want to know about

The internet is awash with predictions of the future. But the really interesting things have their roots in what is happening right now. These are the things that will change our lives, that will come to fruition while we, and our children, are alive.

And it is both an exciting and scary time, things are changing exponentially, each new technology building on the previous discoveries and inventions.

If you read any of the stuff written by Ray Kurzweil (and he is a particularly smart fellow) then your eyes may already be open. Not everyone agrees with his predictions and opinions, especially in regards to the technological singularity, though he has a proven track record of being right alot of the time.


I have read a number of books on this subject, and read a fair amount online. One article in particular that gave an overview recently was Seven Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World Forever from IEET, well worth a read. The technologies it covers include:

  • Anti aging and age reversal
  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Vertical Pink Farms
  • Transhumanism
  • Wearables and implantables (the latter strikes me as part of transhumanism)
  • Atmospheric Water Harvesting
  • 3D Printing

I think there are more to add to this list:

  • Self driving cars and intelligent cities
  • Space exploration and travel

I plan to explore these topics in detail in future blog posts and will update this entry with links to them.


Stay tuned!



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