Wainstones path

Sometimes you get up at a silly o’clock to get the photo you want.

This doesn’t happen to me often.

I would like to tell you that it is because I prefer the light at dusk. The reality though, is that most of the time, I cannot rouse myself from my slumber to get up before dawn and reach my desired destination to get set up before the sun rises.

This day was an exception.

It was only a week or two after the new year and I arrived in the twilight hour before sunrise. The climb to this point wasn’t just steep, it was barely visible through the dim light and shrouded in mist. I got a bit of a shock walking across the path at the top, someone appeared, running towards me, through the mist (or maybe it was cloud). They jogged straight passed me. That’s dedication, I thought.

The image is available to buy as a print, canvas and in other forms over at my PhotoBox Pro Gallery.

Wainstones Path Dawn DSC_0403 600px



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