Cloud storage for teams

As part of my move into a new team at work, I was tasked with looking at different cloud based storage solutions for groups. Ideally something that can deal with huge media files, has native Mac sync, ability to selectively share files or folders with people outside the team and version history.

Although you should not go into these things with preconceptions, I did suspect the Adobe Creative Cloud might come out on top, mainly as our team uses a wide range of Adobe tools and their offering, though more expensive, includes monthly or annual licencing of most of the tools needed. Ultimately though, it didn’t even make the top list, due to the amount of storage, or lack of, that is needed for a team that works on large media projects.

Dropbox, Box and Cubby are the top contenders.

No decision has been made yet, but the big surprise for me was that many that made the short list, don’t provide a team or business version of their cloud storage solution, which is strange, given that business users are the most likely to pay for the service.



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