Captured as dusk began to fall, I like the perspective of this image.

Contrary to initial impressions, it wasn’t taken from a boat, there is a long pipeline that runs out to sea and if you catch the tide right, before it turns, you can walk quite far out without getting your feet wet, though the pipeline is slippery in places so you have to watch your footing.

The small rock in the lower left gives some foreground detail, as do the reflections of the cloud in the water.

The water looks calm, almost serene and Redcar seafront, appears to the right, softened and made more photogenic by the fading sun.

The cloud gives a hint of a clear spring day, it wasn’t as warm as it looks, though the normally cold northerly winds had dropped that day.

The image is available as a print, canvas and in a number of other formats from Photobox.


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