I have an itch

I have this itch.
This need.
It has been building for weeks.
Life has been full of busy and there just hasnt been time or energy or any real opportunity.
Today, I find the energy, I make time.
To wrap up in multiple layers, one eye on the temperature hovering just above zero
To wheel her out.
To turn the key, here the whir as she goes through her self check.
To hit the button and hear her growl
To rumble out of town.
To open her up and let her sing and roar.
To find a road, twisting, turning, diving.
To find myself in that transcendent state.
Where only the present moment exists.
Where there is no time and space for anything else.
I have an itch.
Today I will scratch that itch. I will ease its need. And I will feel better for it.

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