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Years ago, I picked up on of those flimsy paper organ donor cards that used to be left laid around in doctor’s waiting rooms. I duly filled it in and kept it in my wallet until it fell to bits. Until recently I haven’t given it much thought.

I’ve been reading about organ donation in the UK recently for obvious reasons. I tend to steer clear of the yucky stuff, I really really do not want to know the mechanics of what will happen when the surgeon takes the knife or scalpel to me. After all, I will be under anaesthetic and completely out of it. Unless something like that film Awake happens. Hmmmpf. Best not think about that!

Anyhow, as part of my search, I came across the NHS sign up site for donating organs after you die (the link is here It is a surprisingly well laid out site and it is incredibly quick and easy to sign up so you can donate. Let’s face it, if you or someone you love needed an organ, you wouldn’t hesitate in taking one that had been donated would you? And you won’t feel a thing if you donate. After all, you will be dead.

Go do it and make sure those closest to you know of your wishes so they don’t override them when the worst does happen to you. Go. Now. Right now. You can read the rest of this post later, if at all. What was the link again? Here you go –

If you have now registered, well done! Make sure you tell your family about it. Encourage them to sign up too.

I unticked the box for eyes. Sorry all you blind folk, but when I do eventually pop my clogs, my family may want an open coffin. It would just look odd if the undertaker had to pop mirrored shades on my face to hide my empty eye sockets.

8 thoughts on “Register to be a donor”

  1. There is an interesting piece of knowledge in Duncan J Watts’ book ‘Everything is Obvious’
    In Germany he found out that Organ donation was about 12 %, while in Austria it was 99.9%.
    The critical difference between these countries was government policy.
    In Austria, the default choice is to be an organ donor, while in Germany the default was not to be, but the difference was huge.
    This was true across all Europe -all countries with very high rates of organ donation had opt-out policies, while the countries with low rates were all opt-in.

    That’s some food for thought.

    1. Thanks for the info. Quite insightful.
      I would agree with a UK wide opt out scheme. Those who had religious or personal reasons could opt out and there rest of the population could donate by default.

  2. Perhaps your post has inspired a lot of folk to go online to register as donors ?

    I’ve clicked on the link twice and site fails to load

  3. I am fully supportive of being an organ donor. My wife wouldn’t be here if some kind sole hadn’t registered. She had a liver transplant just over 6 years ago. She is doing great thanks to those that keep on giving – even after they die.

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