Hump day

Traditionally Wednesday is hump day, the middle of the working week, once you get through it, there is the nice easy slide into the weekend.

I’m not feeling it yet though. As I prepared for bed last night, my mind told me it was “cigarette before bed” time. When I awoke, my mind told me “cuppa and a smoke”. Bastard. I’d kick it’s bloody head in, but that would be a bit odd. I am odd enough already and I don’t want to encourage the men in white coats with a nice jacket to come take me away.

I was reading through some blogs I follow and came across an “If I won the lottery” type post. I had a convo with an old friend yesterday about lottery wins, how much was enough and how much was too much.

£250,000 would be nice. Enough to share some winnings with the rest of the family and take a month long break. Maybe hire a motorhome (that’s RV to our colonial cousins), strap a bike to the back and take a slow drive from the west coast of the US to the east.

I read an article a few years ago that £5 million was the minimum required to give up work and live off the interest, with a couple of nice holidays each year. It’s probably double that now. I’ve always thought I wouldn’t give up work. I’m a bit of a workaholic, what the hell would I do with all that free time? Recently though, I am thinking, I’d get my dream bike, a top end camera and tour the world, photographing the places and people along the way, perhaps making a book out of it.

Hmmm, very nice, these dreams. However, it’s hump day….hi ho, hi ho….off to work I go.

5 thoughts on “Hump day”

  1. Just to rub it in a bit. It’s a pleasant warm day here in Brum. The dogs (3 x Jack Russels) are playing in the garden and I’m sat in the gazebo with my laptop and a glass of red. I used to hate Wednesdays but since I decided not to have a holiday this year and instead book every Wednesday off between now and Xmas, I love them 😆

  2. Thursdays are mine, because Wednesdays are busy with fun things. I use Thursdays as planning/reviewing/catching up days as I’m never great on the more intellectual stuff on a Thursday, then Friday is always productive.

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