Are you the male or female of this species…?

While working on a PowerPoint presentation, my mind wandered to past presentations and applications I have created, and the iterations, the multiple drafts and what ends up cut from the final version. This made me think of what could have been a classic iconic film from my youth – “Moron’s from outer space”. I think a little context is needed….

As a pubescent teen, one of the big shows that us kids watched was “Not the nine o’clock news”. Some very dry, funny and at the time, ground breaking comedy sketches. Of particular note was the Pamela Stephenson sketch about American Express cards. Yes Pamela, we would have and I am sure it would have done nicely.

So it was with baited breath that we awaited the feature film from Smith and Jones. And it was a great film. Kind of. Ermmm, no, not really. But it did have some wickedly funny lines, including the one above, delivered by a skeletor like alien, with a wicked gleam in his eye socket when Mel Smith is hitching a ride through space. We were disappointed by the film though.

Fast forward a number of years and I remember reading that Smith and Jones were disappointed too, that the film had been edited for a wider audience, meaning key scenes were cut from the final version.

This led me to wonder, what happened to those deleted scenes. In this age of blueray movies, with extra scenes and features, I’d like to revisit the film and see what Mel and Griff had envisioned. I might be pleasantly surprised.

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