4G is here, in the UK….

According to a news article on the BBC website, 4G is being launched, ahead of the auctions which have been subject to delays after numerous legal wrangles with the mobile networks. You do get the impression that some networks wanted to string it out as long as possible, perhaps to avoid having to invest a new network infrastructure.

The big news about 4G isn’t just the increased bandwidth or potential for providing broadband into those rural areas that struggle to get a decent land line broadband connection. It is also the dramatic reduction in latency, which paves the way for a dramatic change in online mobile gaming.

It will be interesting to see whether the announcement tomorrow from Apple brings an iPhone that will support this new 4G network.

One thought on “4G is here, in the UK….”

  1. So you’ve got your answer, were you impressed?

    I saw on the news some speed tests for the 4G network, it’s insane, I think if someone had shown me that 10 years ago I ‘d have burnt them for being a witch.

    New camera features look promising though. My brother has a Samsung something or other phone that does the whole panoramic thing, looks pretty cool.

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