Three weeks…almost

Tonight, at just after 11pm, I will have been off the cigarettes for three weeks – wow – 21 days. That is pretty amazing.

It isn’t that I never thought I would make it this far, I just didn’t allow myself to think this far ahead. There is merit in the saying “stop smoking one cigarette” at a time.

I was the sort of person who would become anxious when my pack was running low, though most of the time I would have a spare second pack sitting in my coat pocket or laptop bag. The thought of running out would freak me out a little.

Some things I have discovered:

  • Cigarettes are not my friend, they are life sucking little b*****ds
  • Cravings for a cigarette don’t really last very long, they come, they go, whether you smoke one or not
  • Preparing a list of distractions and treats help when trying to get past those cravings
  • The cravings don’t ever seem to disappear completely, I still find myself hankering after a smoke several times a day
  • I can smell and taste things I was oblivious before
  • I can breath more easily (which makes me thing of “Tunes….make you breath more easily, but I digress)
  • There are some amazing people on here, willing to share their thoughts and feelings about giving up – not just those who have given up, but also those thinking about it
  • There are just as many prejudiced, judgemental people who have no idea of how it feels to be a smoker
  • And finally… is worth it, well worth it, to give up, but it is a question of motivation and you have to have the right reasons to successfully stop smoking.

So all of you good people who are battling with giving up, good luck and hang on in there.

7 thoughts on “Three weeks…almost”

  1. Congrats on the three weeks (I have you’ll easily make the next six hours) , I don’t think it will be long until the government forces shops to refer to them as “life sucking little b*****ds”

    1. Hi – I am using patches to counter the need for nicotine, the harder thing to get past is the habitual things. I used to smoke pretty much before and after everything. Distracting myself to get past the cravings and changing habits as much as possible seems to have helped alot.
      Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

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