For some reason, I associate the word melting with the Wizard of Oz and the wicked witch crying out, rather than any other more normal real world activity.

Last week my sis was melting. Not in a dissolving into a pool of liquid kind of way, but in a ‘oh f**k, the time is here’ sort of way. It’s kind of understandable, its been 35 years she was diagnosed when she was a little kid and she has spent much of that time in denial, ignoring the fact that she has a serious condition and living her life on her own terms. Some of that meant completely ignoring medical advice. The fact that she has done all that and is still alive and kicking is pretty amazing.

Last week, the denial peaked, she spent much of each day in bed, trying to forget the fact that dialysis is here and she has to go in and get the tubes fitted, then be shown how to do the dialysis at home. The doctors aren’t happy with her for missing appointments either. Mum has been with her for the last month and only came home a week and a bit ago, but she is turning around and heading back to give my sis some support and to chivvy her along when needed.

Sis texted me over the weekend, feeling a little better, but telling me she was “cacking it”. Me too sis, but it is here now and we just need to do what needs doing. I will be scared s**tless come the transplant too, right now I try not to think too much about it, but we have to do this.

Last week was a bump, that’s all. And you are entitled to a few of those. Just save a couple for me.

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