MRI Friday

Its now Friday afternoon. Since my last post I’ve spent most of the time in hospital, waiting for various results. Last night I was moved from the transit ward 1 to the neurology ward. The staff were awesome, despite some difficult patients. One poor old chap had lost his memory and had no idea of his name or where he lived. Poor bugger.

Anyway, the neurologist came to see me before the move with the results of the catscan. A lovely lady doctor, great manner, and after an examination, she told me I’d be moved wards and sent for an MRI scan tomorrow. I pressed on the whole going home issue and she reluctantly agreed. So I spent the night in my own bed. I got home around 8pm, went for a lie down at 830 and was there for the night.

I was up early though and got some films onto my Playbook and ordered some bike bits from in the hope that I will be home for the weekend.

My wife dropped me at the hospital on her way to work, she is saving her holidays for the transplant like I am.

I wandered to the shop for a magazine before going up to the ward. It was 7:30 am and it didn’t open until 8. Seems a bit silly in a hospital.

The MRI was strange and uncomfortable. The machine is noisy (they give you earplugs) and claustrophobic. I didn’t really know what to expect. My daughter has an MRI today as well for vertigo problems so I pinged her to see if she was okay. It took about 40 minutes and then back to the ward, just in time for the doctors rounds.

The main doctor suggested I might be going home in a few hours but its now almost 4 hours later. The nurse popped by and said it didn’t look like I’m going home. I saw her a few minutes later and she said the registrar contradicted the doctor and said I might be. Who knows. Feeling a little uncomfortable waiting for the results now though.

On the up side, its been 75 hours (15 minutes and 10 seconds :)) since my last cigarette. Apart from a few strong urges for one, I haven’t overly missed them and my breathing feels better.

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