When times are hard, it is human nature to want someone or something to blame. It could be argued that we have never had things so good, though those struggling to survive, to keep their families safe, from day to day, would disagree. For the vast majority though, we live in age where we take many life comforts for granted. And still people bemoan that times are hard and then look for people to blame.

It is the only rationale I can think of for the xenophobic attitude towards immigrants. And for the anti Europe attitude that is prevailing here at the moment.

Does anyone remember the lessons learnt from the rise of fascism that led to the second world war. The hideous mindset that led to the demonisation and genocide of an entire race of people.

It is a sad and sorry state of affairs when the richest countries of the world ignore the plight of these people and justify it with fears of hate that they themselves are fostering.

The truth is, there is the space and the money to clothe and house and feed these people. Distribute them evenly across Europe, and we can all cope, and perhaps be better for it.

There are many things that make me worry for the future, for my children and grandchildren’s future, but this attitude, that sits somewhere between indifference and hate, it makes you worry about what sort of world the are inheriting from us.

Xenophobia – dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.

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