Three Language Friday

It has been that sort of week.

Between sorting out details for new virtualised servers, software audits and process mapping, amongst other things, I have been coding in three different languages this week.

Windows Scripting Host is a bit of a blast from the past. When used together with Windows Scheduled Tasks though, it makes me nostalgic for the days of writing Unix scripts in Bash.

HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript is arguably not one language, but I tend to lump it together as a single entity as they are so closely related. Web application work has taken massive strides forward in recent years, but you still have to test on every platform, every browser, and tablets and mobiles now if you are using responsive web design (RWD) principles, which I am. The Bootstrap library eases the pain with this.

And finally, C#, which is my preferred language of choice. The app is a data miner and is does the bulk of the work for my web application. I would have called the application a Data Slurper, but “slurper” seemed less socially acceptable.


Thank crunchie it’s Friday!

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