Heroes Reborn

Did you love the original series?

Granted, the plot went a bit wayward at times in Seasons 2 through to 4, but despite that, the show wowed audiences, was ground breaking and much loved. Season 4 finished on a cliff hanger, with Claire outing them all to the world, finishing with “To be continued…”.

And then Season 5 never happened. Apparently, it was the most downloaded show at the time, the most streamed, and a massive seller on DVD, but the network didn’t have all those numbers, so as far as they could tell, the audience had tailed off, gone elsewhere and they cancelled the show.

Now it’s coming back, September 24th apparently and will be set five years after season 4. Seems reasonable, the airing of season 4 was in 2010.

I suspect UK audiences may have to wait a little bit longer than September.

The big networks really ought to cut a deal with someone who can offer pay per view in all regions, simultaneously, at a premium cost of course. I think many would pay for the likes of Game of Thrones, Heroes, etc, while not wanting to pay for a Sky subscription.

And take a page from Netflix’s book, release the entire season, all at once. Binge watching it may be, but no one I know likes to wait a week between episodes. It can kill the continuity of a show and audiences often switch off. I know i do.

Watch the trailer below for a preview. Some of the old characters are back, along with a new cast, with new powers.



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