Holy Island

With landscape photography, you often don’t get what you expect.

The weather and quality of light play a critical part, yet you have no control over them. It requires patience. Lots and lots of patience.

This day, a trip to Holy Island was planned. As I took the 90 mile trip, the main road, some miles away from the coast, was bathed in beautiful light, a warm, glorious summer’s day. As the road meandered it’s way north, getting close to the coast it would became misty, eerily misty, that kind of pea souper fog that reminds you of the Hounds of the Baskerville. And then the road would swing inland again back into lovely sunlight.

As I got near my destination and turned towards the coast, I entered a thick bank of mist. It seemed the entire north east coastline was shrouded in a sea fret and the sun was not going to burn it away.

So I went for images that would accentuate the shapes, isolating elements and trying to capture the feel of the day.

The images are available to buy as prints, canvas and other mediums just by clicking on them.

dsc_6196 holy island posts bw 600px

dsc_6168 holy island yacht bw 600px

dsc_6175 holy island yachts bw 600px

dsc_6193 holy island huts castle bw 600px

dsc_6189 holy island kilns bw 600px

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