The truth is out there

Fans of X-Files and conspiracy theorists will be pleased. A new series is due out in the next week.

This made me think of a few articles I have read over the past month where NASA have cut off live video streams from the International Space Station seconds after mysterious objects have appeared. This has happened not just once, but several times.

If you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to hide NASA! An often misused phrase, but it seems appropriate here.

It’s unlikely to be a close encounter of the third kind though. It is much more likely to be secret military ships, like the STS-28 reported here.

And this leads me to thinking about a series of books I read as a kid. Mum had them, so they were kind of hand me downs, popular books at the time – “Erich von Daniken – Chariot of the Gods“.  For a pre-pubescent boy into comics and science fiction, these had a serious wow factor. And presented things like the Plains of Nazca that have yet to be adequately explained.

And if you are seeking out more recent, and outlandish, fare, take a look at Graham Hancock’s “Fingerprint of the Gods“.

Many of the claims made in these books need to be taken with a liberal pinch of salt. Yet they highlight something important. The ancient history that we know, Sumerians, Babylonians, even the Egyptians, all that we are told is based on theories, not fact. Whatever doesn’t fit with the science and beliefs of the time is ignored, discarded, only the “facts” which fit with our currently accepted version of pre-history are acknowledged.

The truth is out there…somewhere…and it may be stranger than you think.

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