Perception is reality

Your reality is defined by your perception. Everyone’s. Mine, yours, the world, people, places. All of it.

This feels like an odd concept in a world based on science and almost endless supply of facts. If someone asks me about something and I don’t know the answer, I search online. Typically the answer is out there. But not always.

Yet even on the internet, it is affected by different points of view. Wikipedia is only as good as it’s editors. There have been arguments, and conflicting opinions. Short selling is a good example where the article kept getting edited to say different things – though that may be a subject for a different day. Everyone has an opinion.

And on a sub atomic level, physicists now tell us that particles exist as waves. They don’t exist as this or that, or here or there, until the are observed or interacted with. Wow. When you really think about it, that is pretty mind blowing.

As some of my family and friends have gone through difficult times, it strikes me really hard. Perception is their reality. So this concept, leads to the glass being half full. Or empty. Depending on your perception. And mood. And whatever side of bed you fell out of this morning. It all depends on your perspective.

And guess what? You have a choice. You can choose your perspective. It may take some time to retrain your mind, but it isn’t just possible, it is something we ought to be doing. It could make the world an infinitely better place.


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