Consciousness and unlearned knowledge

In this recent article in Scientific American, a theory is postulated that innate knowledge could be passed down in some way through the genetic code. That savants, tap this, that musical geniuses who have never learned in the normal sense about music can become virtuosos, somehow inherit these abilities.

I guess it is possible.

However, other recent articles in the field of quantum physics provide an alternative explanation.

This is that consciousness is a universal thing, that our intelligence, our soul as it were, is part of this larger consciousness and that the universe, matter, everything would not exist without it. That the brain could be no more than an interface, much as the device you are reading this on is a portal onto the internet. Such theories would explain why people who have had major brain surgery, sometimes over 50% of the old grey matter removed, can still function at normal or even above normal capacity.

This to me, seems a much more likely and attractive proposition.

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