Steady now


It is strange the effect it has on you. Every time I have got on the bike in the past few weeks, I have had to remind myself, “steady now”.

Perhaps the proximity of death – my brother is terminally ill – is causing me to be more reckless with my own life.

Or perhaps it is the natural build up of stresses that accompany supporting my family through this time and dealing with my own emotions.

I tend to like an open road on the bike, lots of nice curves, like most bikers.

The route travelling to and fro, mainly to see my brother and the rest of the immediate family, tends to be somewhere between medium and high in terms of other traffic on the road. And I am in no mood to wait.

I’ve had a few funny moments, not as in humorous, but where I have had to remind myself to wind it back in again. Overtaking as I exit a roundabout and the back end slipping briefly on white lines or gravel thrown to the centre of the road.

Some drivers, take exception to someone moving faster than them. Even when it is perfectly safe to do so. When they are stuck behind slower moving traffic, and I work my way up the chain, some people just don’t like it. Some will make room, but some veer out towards the middle of the road in an attempt to block you. Or will accelerate up behind you and sit at the back wheel. I used to wonder what these people were thinking. Now I realise, that they probably aren’t thinking consciously at all. They have an affinity, a natural inclination to be stupid.

Perhaps I should feel sorry for them. And probably would, were it not for the unnecessary danger they place me in.

So steady now. Them and me. Watch what you are doing.

And be careful out there.

For those as old as me, here is a few obligatory links to “Let’s be careful out there” and the “Hill Street Blues intro“.

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