Get real

I considered several different themes for today’s entry. Perhaps something relevant to the time of year like “Remember, Remember the 5th of November” but as I didn’t much feel like braving out in the cold to watch a display, that was off the cards.

Or perhaps something topical like the current US elections, and how the two party system is funded by special interest lobby groups who seem to wield far too much power, not just in the US, but here in old blighty too.

Or how all that pales into insignificance in the wake of Sandy and the poor buggers who are left with no electricity or heating as the temperature plummets.

Eventually though, I decided I wouldn’t write about any of those things. Today is a none entry. It doesn’t exist. What you see before you is a figment of your over active imagination. You may think it exists. You may even be able to drag your mouse across the words and see it being highlighted in blue an imaginary selection. But that doesn’t mean anything. The only place this post exists is in your mind’s eye. Magnetic charges on a disk platter. Pulses of light along a string of fibres. Electrical impulses firing and exploding against a slice of glass. Pulsing through your synapses inside your head.

Now ask yourself this. If this doesn’t exist, what else might not be real. Perhaps you are loosing your grip on reality.

But what is reality anyway?


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