Loosing my religion

Death to the infidels. Oh, that’s me. I’m an Gai-jin too. A barbarian. Things are not looking good.

I lost my religion. Or rather, I never really found it. I love the basic tenets of most religions. The way each one defines moral codes for people to live by. But history shows us that all religions have their zealots who take things a little too literally. And there are always those who will use such things for their own end.

When my granddad died, a lot of my family became Pentecostal. They found Jesus! I was a cynical bugger, even then. Found him I thought? I didn’t even know we were looking for him. Doesn’t he have satnav? I was still a kid and didn’t really understand what the fuss was about. One Sunday, I went along with them. To see my cousin stand up in the middle of a sermon and shout “Praise the lord, Jesus has saved me” freaked me out a little. To be honest, he was always a bit of a knob and finding Jesus didn’t really change fix that. We just didn’t see eye to eye on many things I guess.

My aunt started quoting the bible whenever we went round. At everyone. At everything. Wow! When I was a little older, I took a girl friend around. No-one approved of her. My aunt did her preaching bit – Matthew this, Luke that. My girlfriend was a little feisty (part of the reason I liked her) and quoted something right back from the New Testament contradicting what my aunt had been saying. Ha, that was a funny conversation to listen to.

With age, I realised something. My uncle was a lovely bloke, but not so nice where his wife was concerned. Maybe that’s where his son got it from. Religion for my aunt gave her something to have faith in. It gave her life meaning. She went on to do some good things in the name of her Jesus.

I just didn’t need her preaching. Preachers, not just the religion type, cause me to turn away and I am more likely to do the opposite.

I have my own moral code, my own compass. I’m no more right about everything than the next person. I have learnt through my own mistakes, it’s a continual experience. Sometimes those wrong turns have taught me things I wouldn’t have figured out any other way.

So what do I make of the current outrage over this sub standard video? It’s much ado about nothing in the overall scheme of things. But then again, so was the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand and look where that led us!

10 thoughts on “Loosing my religion”

  1. In the past people needed religion to guide them.Do we still need it in this age of information?
    I don’t know.
    It’s almost impossible to be free from influences of organised religion (of any denomination).
    But it’s time to regain control from religious indoctrination, by making informed decisions on our own.
    Spirituality is necessary for the soul…religion need not be its only medium.

  2. “To be honest, he was always a bit of a knob and finding Jesus didn’t really change that.” – probably the best sentence I’ve ever read on WordPress 🙂

  3. I feel your pain – I know too many people who have gotten caught up in religion, and there are many throughout history who have acted in Jesus’ name, but SO contrary to His teaching. I can apologize for them (not that it changes anything). Even Jesus met those who followed all the rules and missed the point – a personal relationship with Him. I’m not preaching. I do believe in meeting people on common ground, not condemning them. I am a Christ-follower and I can’t apologize for that! Blessings, 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting Jenn and I would not want you to apologise for your beliefs. I don’t think anyone should have to. It’s what you do with them that is the really important thing.

  4. Enjoy hell, sinner.

    Just kidding. I mean maybe, but it doesn’t really matter right? All of this religion business seems to ruffle way too many feathers and cause people to argue or act out. I guess it’s a lot like sports in that way. However, people (like your aunt) have done good by it too.

    I suppose religion is just an extension of human nature. It’s like we’re trying to craft validity for our actions where there often are none.

    Anyway, I liked reading this.

      1. Hell always seemed more appealing to me than heaven. I remember having to sketch heaven and hell in youth group and spending like two seconds on heaven (mostly because it wasn’t well described to me and sounded less interesting) and the rest of the day on hell. That still rings true to this day. Hell just sounds so much more interesting to me.

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