A good week

Earlier this morning I read a post where someone’s daughter asked them “What was your favourite thing about today?” It was an insightful post about how, as adults, we get so wrapped up in all the stuff we need to do, that we don’t often look back and think about the good stuff.

Last week was pretty good. Before I start a new one, I am going to spend a few moments looking back….

  • My youngest lad got his bike fixed, two exhaust studs retapped and all sorted for a reasonable price after we trailed all over trying to find someone to do it.  Excellent. And he is doing really well in his new job. Superb.
  • My wife and I signed up for a trial NetFlix account and whiled away the late evening hours watching “Weeds”, a bit odd but very funny.
  • I didn’t smoke any cigarettes – not one – and am almost at the four week mark.
  • I didn’t have to be readmitted to hospital, despite my doc initially saying that’s what we needed to do, I was so pleased when he changed his mind.
  • I took my motorbike out for the first proper ride since the burst blood vessel thing. Awesome. Riding gets into your blood.
  • My wife and went out for a nice meal
  • I spent an afternoon watching the classic hill climb and admiring the machinery. It made me think of the song – Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines – with several Biggles type characters
  • A colleague and I put together a great presentation for a meeting this week. It needs updating following input and ideas from manager, but overall, it was a positive experience.
  • I have a clear set of bugs to fix with my app and am feeling reasonably confident about it.

Here’s looking forward to another good week.

5 thoughts on “A good week”

  1. Weeds is top quality – the 1st series is anyway; the rest not so much. If you liked that then you should get the 1st series of Californication next…

    Top blog mate. Keep the faith!

  2. Thanks for this post, for reminding me to make my own ” good things that happened” list. We grow so bitter sometimes that it comes without saying NOT to think of the good things that happened. In fact, it seems that our memory is set up to recall most of the bad things and not so much the better ones. Funny thing, the human being!

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