Classic Hill Climb

While browsing through some local motorbike forums, I came across a classic hill climb event that was scheduled for today. When I first read it, I imagined classic to mean the a grass/dirt/mud hill where crazy people attempted to climb in their cars or bikes. If you Google this, or take a look on YouTube, you will find bike’s that have double the normal length in order to tackle the steep inclines. And some of those folks do seem a little crazy.

This event was more of a road hill in classic (i.e. old or vintage) cars and bikes. It was good fun all the same. I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves, though uploading a gallery of images onto WordPress is a new experience for me so it may be a bit hit and miss.

DSC_8914 600px DSC_8589 600px DSC_8592 600px DSC_8593 600px DSC_8717 600px DSC_8806 600px DSC_8837 600px DSC_8882 600px

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