Not smoking in the office

It’s odd how those little habitual things dig at you. A day back working in the office today. Lots of my colleagues smoke and normally I would be joining them outside, regardless of the weather. Today, I’m not.

Most of the time this is no big hardship. I even joined them a couple of times just for the chat and standing there, not smoking, as they puffed away, seemed easy, almost natural. I half expected me to be watching them take a drag with “envious eyes”, it really wasn’t like that.

The post lunch smoke was a different matter altogether. Damn. Blast. Bugger.

Three minute cravings? B****cks. More like fifteen.

Yet it passed, I’m fine and feel better for resisting.

2 thoughts on “Not smoking in the office”

  1. You were very strong and i’m very proud of you! Try to not thinking about cigarette or smoking! I know this is not easy, but you should do something new or make a new hobby!

  2. Try going a full day without saying the word cigarette, smoking….nothing. Say no words at all that involve smoking cigarettes!!! You need it to leave your mind, but it can’t when your words are confirming that you miss it. I’m cheering you on to the finish line and you WILL make it!! You have always been told this process is hard and miserable, so that’s what you are expecting it to be…hard and miserable. Start by refusing to speak any words that have to do with smoking cigarettes. That’s your next baby step. Where the mind goes, the man follows…..well, your mind is gonna quit going “there” so the man will also quit thinking of going “there” as well.
    You WILL conquer this!

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