Day 13 at the docs

Day 13 smoke free, or is this day 14, it seems I am easily confused and am loosing track. There are awesome people on WordPress which I am finding inspirational.

Last night was a bad night headache wise, so I am back at the docs this morning. Initially the GP wanted me readmitted to hospital. I was really unhappy with that. They called the neurology registrar on the ward and it seems I’m ok to stay home for now. With lots of things going on, I’ve been prescribed something to lower my blood pressure and they said Tramadol to help with the headaches. I got to the pharmacy and Tramadol was missing from the prescription. Now I’m back in the docs waiting room in the hope of some pain relief.

They also discussed having a stent inserted via keyhole surgery if things get worse.

All in all, today is a low point generally, but on the upside, I am still a smoke free zone.

4 thoughts on “Day 13 at the docs”

  1. Dude… you’re BRAVE. I’m quitting too, but gradually, and it STILL hurts. All the very best!!! PS: To me, drinking Orange Juice is off-putting to the thought of a fag -and so’s water. So you can imagine what I look like trundling myself around with bottles… Still, I’m half-way there!

  2. Hi Ciggie, maybe more dumb than brave 🙂
    I read something about giving up gradually, saying it prolonged the withdrawal symptoms and was much harder so I went for the cold turkey approach, but am using patches too

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