Three minute warning

Apparently, a craving for a smoke lasts between two and three minutes.

I read this a while ago and decided I needed distraction for those minutes while the clock was ticking and my mind was urging me to strike up.

I wrote a list (I am a list person) of things I enjoyed doing that I could do when the cravings hit me. Potter around cleaning my motorbike, make a drink, eat a piece of fruit or yogurt, etc, etc. If I had a gun, I could shoot someone I dont particularly like.

Each time a craving came upon me, distraction was the key to getting through it.

14 thoughts on “Three minute warning”

  1. I’ve read about this time spam too. Lists are also the way forward
    Well done for quitting. I’m still puffing at the cancer lollies, nevermind, one day I’ll get the inspiration to quit. Nice post 🙂

  2. I don’t know if you have a hand held or games on your phone, but sometimes playing a game like Angry Birds can be a really good distraction too.

  3. Before I leave for work I write down random numbers on sheets of paper, when I get a craving I take a deep breath and hold it, pull out two of the numbers and try to multiply them. I usually find that by the time I need to breath or have solved the problem, my craving has passed and sometimes I go all lightheaded as a little bonus.

  4. You have many options! Just go places where you normally can’t smoke, read a book, try to learn a language (I tried it, and i think it works, cause if I dont want to quit smoking, i never wrote to you!:) ) or find a good hobby. This is very important, cause you need to thinking on something! Try to learn photoshop, illustrator, programming in PHP or take photos! 🙂

    Be Patient! You’re a very good person and many people have quit smoking! You can do it too! 🙂

  5. You can do it! Don’t know if you are a spiritual person but prayer always helps me. And express how you really feel – yes I want this, but I know I don’t need it, etc., etc. I believe in you!! And thanks for the like.

  6. I did it myself. After a few weeks you will find it a lot easier. The main demon I found was the thought I would probably fail, so may as well revert now to put to put myself out of this misery. .

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