Six and a bit days…and out of hospital

Bank Holiday Monday – it is traditional for it to piss down, though it is dry right now.

Where where we. Ah yes, MRI Friday, the consultant eventually came around and let me go home, woohoo! A rupture to my neck was the prognosis, take it easy for a few weeks, take aspirin indefinitely and ring the doctor on the ward if I experience any further symptoms. There is a possibility of something dislodging and moving up to my brain which would clearly be a bad thing.

Saturday was fairly uneventful, still not smoking, I walked into town three times even though I hate shopping with a passion – just to be doing something rather than hankering after a cigarette. I also watched on of the motorbike TT videos, which to be honest, just made me feel a little down. Given the prognosis, its unlikely I should ever be subjecting my body to those kinds of stresses.

Sunday morning I did some work on the bike, changed petrol pipes as the old ones were corroded and split and balanced the carbs. I had intended changing the plugs but my plug socket doesnt reach – water cooled bike engines tend to have the plugs buried pretty deep. I think I will get it round to the bike shop later this week and get him to do a plug and oil change. I took it out for a brief spin, I know I’m supposed to be taking it easy, but I just needed a little something, an adrenaline rush if you like. Later we went out for some lunch, Mum is back from my sisters, though I’m not sure for how long. She looks tired, very tired.

Today (Monday) my alarm was set for 6am. My daughter is off to her boyfriend’s and was booked on the 635am train. She is such a grumpy bugger first thing in the morning too, I wonder where she gets that from?

As far as smoking is concerned, its been six days and almost 8 hours. Sometimes it is a breeze, other times, I could kill for one. So I work hard at distracting myself. I do feel like I am breathing easier and can smell better. And the surplus cash is going towards an upgraded bike. I am torn between something sporty like the Yamaha R1, but I know, deep down, that I dont need something that can wheelie in almost any gear and do 100mph in first and something like a Honda DL650, with its combination of dirt bike/tourer style. Not that I need to worry about which to choose just yet.

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